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Ask Slashdot: Objective C Vs. Swift For a New iOS Developer?

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RegularDave writes: I'm a recent grad from a master's program in a potentially worthless social science field, and I've considered getting into iOS development. Several of my friends who were in similar situations after grad school have done so and are making a healthy living getting contract work. Although they had CS and Physics degrees going into iOS, neither had worked in objective C and both essentially went through a crash courses (either self-taught or through intensive classes) in order to get their first gigs. I have two questions. First, am I an idiot for thinking I can teach myself either objective C or Swift on my own without any academic CS background (I've tinkered in HTML, CSS, and C classes online with some success)? Second, if I'm not an idiot for attempting to learn either language, which should I concentrate on?

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France Wants To Get Rid of Diesel Fuel

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mrspoonsi sends this Reuters report: France wants to gradually phase out the use of diesel fuel for private passenger transport and will put in place a system to identify the most polluting vehicles, Prime Minister Manuel Valls said on Friday. Next year, the government will launch a car identification system that will rank vehicles by the amount of pollution they emit, Valls said in a speech. This will make it possible for local authorities to limit city access for the dirtiest cars. "In France, we have long favoured the diesel engine. This was a mistake, and we will progressively undo that, intelligently and pragmatically," Valls said. About 80 percent of French motorists drive diesel-powered cars. Valls said taxation would have to orient citizens towards more ecological choices, notably the 2015 state budget measures to reduce the tax advantage of diesel fuel versus gas.

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Shale: Good For Gas, Oil...and Nuclear Waste Disposal?

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Lasrick writes: Chris Neuzil is a senior scientist with the National Research Program of the U.S. Geological Survey. He thinks the qualities of shale make it the perfect rock in which to safely and permanently house high-level nuclear waste. Given the recent discovery that water is much more of an issue than originally thought for the tough rock at Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository in Utah, the unique qualities of shale, along with its ubiquitous presence in the U.S., could make shale rock a better choice for the 70,000 metric tons of commercial spent fuel currently sitting above ground at nuclear power facilities throughout the country. France, Switzerland, and Belgium are all considering repositories in shale, but it hasn't been studied much in the U.S. "Shale is the only rock type likely to house high-level nuclear waste in other countries that has never been seriously considered by the U.S. high-level waste program. The uncertain future of Yucca Mountain places plans for spent nuclear fuel in the United States at a crossroads. It is an opportunity to include shale in a truly comprehensive examination of disposal options."

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Debian Forked Over Systemd

Recent /. Posts - 5 hours 47 min ago
jaromil writes: The so called "Veteran Unix Admin" collective has announced that the fork of Debian will proceed as a result of the recent systemd controversy. The reasons put forward are not just technical; included is a letter of endorsement by Debian Developer Roger Leigh mentioning that "people rely on Debian for their jobs and businesses, their research and their hobbies. It's not a playground for such radical experimentation." The fork is called "Devuan," pronounced "DevOne." The official website has more information.

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Raven's Cry Delayed

Recent Blue's News Posts - 6 hours 8 min ago
Raven's Cry has apparently suffered another delay, as the Steam page for Reality Pump's seafaring RPG now lists a December 16h release date (thanks GameWatcher). In September they announced the game...

Gratuitous Space Battles 2 Video Blog

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Cliffski's Blog now offers a new Gratuitous Space Battles 2 Dev Video, which is dated two weeks ago in the title, even though it was just released today. Here's Cliffski's hard sell on why you...

On Sale

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Amazon Black Friday PC Deals. Black Friday Racing Games Deals. All Digital Eel Games. Save 50%. Grey Dog Software Store Black Friday Sale. Zen Studios 2 sale on Humble Weekly Bundle. TopWare games...

Gatherings & Competitions

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The Largest Ever "G-STAR 2014" Ended in Great Success. Bigger than previous G-STAR 2014s.

Black Friday Interviews

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"I don't want it to be like, 'Oh, here come the Christians, it's going to suck again'." -

Black Friday Consolidation

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Xbox Japan boss resigns his post after 8 years. Nintendo: "Mario Kart 8 Doubled Our Wii U Business." Boom Ball for Kinect is Now Available for Xbox One.

Black Friday Mobilization

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Thanks Ant. PlayStation games can run on Android Wear smartwatches. Study says Apple's iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are cannibalizing iPad use. Defender of the Crown - Emulated Amiga Edition on the App Store...

Black Friday Tech Bits

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Windows 10 To Feature Native Support For MKV and FLAC. Thanks Ant.

Black Friday Safety Dance

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Thanks Ant. Why did it take antivirus giants YEARS to drill into super-scary Regin: Symantec responds... France's Health and Safety body says kids shouldn't use 3D. Cheap Android tablets riddled with...

Game Reviews

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Escape Dead Island on Tales from the Borderlands: Episode One on Valiant Hearts on Just Adventure.

Hardware Reviews

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Aerocool Strike-X Cube Case on pcGameware. ASRock Rack C2550D4I (Intel Avoton) Mini-ITX Server Motherboard on TweakTown. ASUS ROG MAXIMUS VII IMPACT (Intel Z97) Mini-ITX Motherboard on TweakTown....


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Report: CVG, 33 years old, to be shut down by Future… World of Warcraft gets a roasting on the BBC's Watchdog…

Out of the Blue

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Happy Black Friday, a salutation which comes with the sincere hope that you are not in the middle of a mob in some store fighting over a television, though it that really makes you happy, who am I to...

GTA 5 Wildlife Documentary | Into The Deep

"For the first time, Chaney555 brings you an up close and intimate look in to the animals and plant life that live in the waters of GTA 5.

This GTA 5 nature documentary will demonstrate the behaviors of some of the most remarkable mammals in the oceans that surround Los Santos and Blaine County and some of the deepest mysteries will also be revealed.

DISCLAIMER: Some people have been saying our wildlife documentary isn't totally accurate - of course it isn't. We're not professional wildlife researchers, we're idiots who play computer games. Enjoy! ..."

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