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The Delivery - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

Thu, 10/20/2016 - 8:42pm

"... We're almost there! We're gonna make it! ..."

TomoNews/Next Media Animation (NMA): 3rd Presidential Debate

Thu, 10/20/2016 - 8:34pm

"LAS VEGAS — Bad Hombre Donald Trump said he wouldn’t necessarily accept the results of a rigged election should Nasty Woman Hillary Clinton beat him in the presidential election, which is scheduled for November 28."

GTA 5 - EXPLOSIVE Samsung Galaxy Note 7?!

Thu, 10/20/2016 - 6:41pm

"GTA 5 Mod Showcasing the explosive Samsung Galaxy Note 7! Yes it's here ladies and gentlemen, seeing as the new flagship Samsung phone is so explosive and was recalled, someone decided it was a smart idea to swap it out for the sticky bomb in GTA 5! ..."

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Potty training at the sloth orphanage.

Wed, 10/19/2016 - 9:58pm

"I filmed this short at the Aviarios del Caribe sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica which rescues orphaned baby and injured adult sloths, rehabilitates them and releases them back into the wild. It's a teaser for the documentary I am making which follows the drama of life at the sanctuary over the course of a year.

Sloths have a number of biological anomalies and one of these is the fact that as adults they descend from the trees once a week to go to the loo. Orphaned baby sloths have to learn this behaviour if they are to be released into the wild and so the sanctuary staff have created their own potty training routine for the sloths.

For more sloth photos and videos follow my blog or twitter For more on the sanctuary go to"

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Wed, 10/19/2016 - 9:52pm

"A technical explanation and demonstration on how the arcade joystick works. Mamecade's host John Pio shows you the hows and whys."

Frontier: Elite 2 Intro - The Dangerous Remake (PIP Version)

Wed, 10/19/2016 - 9:47pm

"This is our Elite Dangerous remake of the Frontier Elite II Introduction sequence. Your pilots are Commanders Sharpshifter, Nosnai, Simmer & Vonner with Commander FuZion on the camera."

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Tom Cruise - You Think You Know Movies?

Wed, 10/19/2016 - 9:44pm

Keanu Reeves Tactical Training For John Wick 2 ...

Wed, 10/19/2016 - 6:52pm

"... Aaron Cohen trains Keanu Reeves for John Wick Chapter 2. Training consisted of over 3 weeks of pre-production tactical firearms prep. Specific gear and tactics included concealed draw training with Cohen's newly released Cherries Below-The-Waistband Deep Concealment Holster, and over 40 hours of carbine combined with limited penetration room clearing.

Cohen was part of a tactical training team selected to train Reeves which included Judo, Ju-Jitsu, Krav Maga, boxing, 3-gun and more..."

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Berenstain Bears - Angry Video Game Nerd: Episode 142

Tue, 10/18/2016 - 6:15pm

"... The Nerd takes a look at several different Berenstein Bears related video games for Atari 2600, Game Boy Color and Sega Genesis..."


Action Movie Kid - Volume 5

Tue, 10/18/2016 - 11:44am

"It's finally here. A collection of the last year or so of videos combined into one. (With a few bonuses in there)..."

Matt Chat 20: Worms and Artillery Games

Mon, 10/17/2016 - 8:44pm

"Team17's Worms is another addictive and must-play game that originated on the Commodore Amiga platform, but was widely ported and has many sequels and spin-offs. In this video, I give a brief history of the artillery game genre, which includes Scorched Earth as well as plenty of lesser-known classics like Artillery Duel. Artillery games were inspired by life-and-death military applications, but became an important if often underestimated genre of videogames..."

First Gunshot Victim in the New World

Mon, 10/17/2016 - 8:39pm

"Archaeologists in Peru have discovered the 500-year-old skeleton of a man who died from a gunshot wound. Experts believe he's the first shooting victim in the New World."

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YO MAMA JOKES! Marvel & DC Comics

Mon, 10/17/2016 - 8:33pm

Skiers v(ersu)s Snowboarders 1985

Mon, 10/17/2016 - 8:31pm

"Feel the angst, feel the vibe. News segment on the Rivalry".

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Hero of the Storm

Mon, 10/17/2016 - 6:49pm

"... This is what happens when you spill soda on your keyboard while playing Heroes of the Storm..."