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Marvel Lima - Primavera

Sun, 02/19/2017 - 6:44pm

Based on the psychedelic/latin moods established by Marvel Lima's music, David Tutti dos Reis took the concept of this video to a distorted perspective about nature. The people are real, the location is real, but even though the environment may feel odd it is natural and welcoming. Subtitles portrait exactly what it is shown with two exceptions.

Cast: David Tutti dos Reis, André Dinis Carrilho and João Gambino

Tags: music video, video art, color and plants

Out of Nowhere ???? ????

Sat, 02/18/2017 - 3:56pm

Bezalel Graduation Film 2012- by Isca Mayo & Maayan Tzuriel
Music: Yehu Yaron
Sound design: Yoav Brill
Every morning, an old lifeguard arrives for another day of work, when in fact the swimming pool he guards has been empty for years.
One day an unexpected guest appears out of nowhere, filling him with doubts about his everyday reality.

How do we face an existence in which one is no longer relevant? How can we continue to live in an illusion?
Two seemingly opposite characters meet in a peculiar situation. When their similarities are revealed, the protagonist is forced to reexamine his life and choose between living a life of sterile existence or stepping outside of his world to discover new horizons

Cast: Maayan Tzuriel, Isca Mayo and Yoav Brill

Tags: Maayan, Tzuriel, Animation, Bezalel, Thesis, Graduation, 2012, Isca, Mayo, Lifeguard, Chicken, Israel, empty, pool, cg, Out, of, nowhere and ???? ????

CLIP - "Varicelle" de Hélène Ducrocq - Citron Bien pour les Ogres de Barback

Sat, 02/18/2017 - 3:54pm

? CLIP des Ogres de Barback par Hélène Ducrocq ?
Music Video by Hélène Ducrocq
Produced by
Réalisation : Hélène Ducrocq
Production : Pierre Dron – Citron Bien
Direction Artistique : Hélène Ducrocq
Scénario & Animation : Jean-Pierre Poirel
Chef Opérateur : David Basso
Compositing : Thibault Pétrissans
Assistant : Jean Hauser
Musique : les Ogres de Barback
Album : Pitt Ocha et la tisane de couleurs
Production Musique : Irfan le Label
Technique : Prise de Vue réelle et Animation 2D
Durée : 3'35
Année de Production : 2013
-----> Follow the project :

Cast: Citron Bien and Helene Ducrocq

Tags: clip, film, animation, pitt ocha, citron bien, les ogres de barback, 2D, character design, illustration, musique du monde, music video, stop motion, video, art, cool music video, creative video, drôme and ardèche

GOLAN | Zenith

Sat, 02/18/2017 - 1:25pm

Concept & Direction by Anton Groves & Damian Groves
Cinematography by Tudor Mircea
Edited by Niki Georgiev
Star Anda Butuc
Exec Producer Alexandra Sararu
1st AD - George Gugulici
VFX Supervising and Compositing by Calin Bogdacenco
Motion Control operating by Radu Fulga and Mihai Ionescu
Motion Control provided by Cinetic
Costumes - Anca Miron and Sonia Constantinescu
Casting by Silviana Bocioaga
Makeup by Marina Bata
Props by Daniel & Mihaela Hognogiu
Produced by Studioset

Cast: studioset

Tags: studioset, anton groves, zenith, golan and damian groves

VFX Games - The Art of Compositing

Thu, 02/16/2017 - 5:21pm

A short project that I have created that explains what is VFX and especially Digital Compositing.
This project was made to showcase my skills alongside my creativity, I was responsible for
all of the 2D aspect of it and supervising the team that was working on their own special
skills such as 3D, Matchmove, Grading, Sound design and much more…..!

Credits of who ever worked or donated his work are being showed in the end of the
video so please feel free to stay and watch until the end.

Special thanks & Links -

CG was created and donated by Dmitriev Vasiliy:

SFX was donated by Bluezone Corporation:

Thanks for watching!

Contact Mail -

Cast: Roy Peker

Tags: VFX Games, Digital Compositing, VFX, The art of Compositing, Compositing, Personal project, VFX Festival 2017, Escape studios and What is compositing

The Hubschrauber - Kepler

Thu, 02/16/2017 - 3:02pm

This place feels cursed now. There has to be something better. Something new. Into the great unknown.

Music video for 'Kepler' by The Hubschrauber, the first single of their debut album 'Kepler-186f'.

Out now:

Produced by GUAP

Director: Ahmed Hammadi
Edit & Vfx: Danny Houtkamp
Cinematographer: Rens Beks

Special thanks to Sanjay Singh

Cast: GUAP

Tags: Music, Experimental, Indie, Indierock, Lo-fi and Music Video

Arman Cekin - California Dreaming ft. Paul Rey & Snoop Dogg

Mon, 02/13/2017 - 4:36pm

Director / editor / VFX / animation: Youth Hymns
Illustrator: Ms Wearer
Production company: Partizan
Producer: Jeff Kopchia
Producer: Lucy Rogers
Executive producer: Claire Stubbs
Production assistant: Tara Bartlett
Coordinator: Jimmy Stannard
1st AD: Niko Philipides
DP: Zac Adams
1st AC: Gordon Yould
2nd AC: Brooks Burgoon
Gaffer: Randy Newman
Electrician: Brian Sprow
Key grip: Marlow Nunez
BB grip: Dennis Haddock
Art director: Frankie Latina
Set dresser: Cookie Johnson
Art assistant: Candice Moyalem
Stylist: Bo Roses
Make-up artist: Julie Dinh
Playback: Matt Borek
Set PA: Chris Roach
Set PA: Jason Taylor
Additional clean-up: Luke Goodrich
Colourist: Lewis Crossfield - Electric Theatre Collective
Girl: Aleyah Grant
Girl: Jana Reis
Commissioner: Nathan James Tetty - Warner Bros. Records

Cast: Youth Hymns

Tags: paul rey, arman cekin, youth hymns, california dreaming and snoop dogg