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VFX Breakdown "Äkta människor" scene 8002

Sat, 07/25/2015 - 7:00pm

Scene from "Äkta människor" ("Real Humans") episode 8, season 1, 2012.

Tracked with Imagineer Systems' "mocha Pro v2" och brought into Adobe After Effects CS6 with the "mochaImport" as an undistorted and stabilized precomp. Comped in 32-bit float and output as 16-bit LogC TIFF.

Original source was LogC ProRes 4444 from Arri Alexa.

Official site:
VFX by:


Tags: SVT, VFX, BTS, ÄktaMänniskor, Real Humans, hubot, hubots, Grafiskt Center, mocha, TV, androids, broadcast, Alexa, breakdown, After Effects and CS6

VFX Breakdown "Äkta människor" scene 5093_A

Sat, 07/25/2015 - 7:00pm

Visual effects scene from "Äkta människor" ("Real Humans") episode 5, season 1, 2012.

Tracked and roto'ed with "mocha Pro" with tracking transfered to Adobe After Effects CS6 via the "MochaImport" script. Adding the photo to the truck was an afterthought during editing, and the side of the truck didn't have and good features or markers for proper tracking (plus the fact that it has a huge translation, is covered by the actors head, multiple reflections and out-of-focus.) If this was a feature film, I'm sure we'd have had more time to adjust the details it, but being a broadcast drama, we had to abandon it without a lot of finessing...

3D neon sign modeled and rendered in Cinema 4D as 32-bit OpenEXR.

Comped by Nicklas Larsson and Jonas Hummelstrand.

Copyright 2012: Sveriges Television AB

Rendered in 32 bpc and output as 16-bit LogC TIFF.
Original source was LogC ProRes 4444 from Arri Alexa.

Official site:
VFX by:

Copyright 2012: Sveriges Television AB

Cast: and Nicklas Larsson

Tags: BTS, Äkta Människor, Real Humans, hubot, hubots, Grafiskt Center, mocha, TV, androids, broadcast, Alexa, breakdown, VFX, SVT, After Effects and CS6

Design for the hubot source code for "Äkta människor"

Sat, 07/25/2015 - 7:00pm

Concept for the look of the source code for "Äkta människor" to be used in the final scene in the last episode of season 1. Not used since the director wanted a more old-school look.

Created with Trapcode Form and a simple 3D model of a DNA helix imported as an OBJ.

Copyright 2012: Sveriges Television AB


Tags: SVT, motion graphics, Form, Trapcode, Äkta människor and Real Humans

Is That a Demo in Your Pocket? GameBoy Demo

Sat, 07/25/2015 - 8:26am

We're back with a short new Gameboy demo in 2015. Download demo:

Cast: Snorpung

Tags: gameboy, demo, demoscene, lofi, brick and pixels

MIT Media Lab Knotty Objects: Phone

Fri, 07/24/2015 - 4:21pm

This video is one of a series of videos in collaboration between m ss ng p eces and MIT Media Lab for the Knotty Objects Summit, the first MIT Media Lab Summit devoted to design.

Curated by bunnie huang and Kevin Slavin. The phone lies at the foundation of 21st century human (and non-human) communication, and shapes these exchanges for the hand, for the eye, and in the mind.

Director: Matthew Charof
Executive Producer and Founder: Ari Kuschnir
Executive Producers and Partners : Kate Oppenheim and Brian Latt
Head of Production: Dave Saltzman

Producer: Jonathan Figueroa
Director of Photography: Dan Witrock

Co.Mission Content
Executive Producer: Harrison Winter
Producer in Shenzhen: David Attali
Director of Photography in Shenzhen: Nils Clauss

Watch our other videos from the series!

MIT Media Lab Knotty Objects: Brick --
MIT Media Lab Knotty Objects: Steak --

Cast: m ss ng p eces, MIT Media Lab, Matthew Charof and Nils Clauss

The Chase

Fri, 07/24/2015 - 2:56pm

The music in this film was composed by Kerry Muzzey and is a track called The Secret History from the album The Architect. Please consider purchasing this album over on iTunes:

I am forever in Kerry's debt for his kindness and generosity in donating this song for my film. I do not have enough words to thank him!

If you'd like to purchase a digital download of the film for your iPhone or iPad, please visit

Follow me: / /


This past spring I spent more time chasing storms on the plains than ever before. The most I had spent prior to this was seven total days and that was last year. What I came away with from that short time made me realize that if I could double that...the stuff I could capture would be amazing. Of course I long to be out there for a month or longer, but when you live in Phoenix and have a wife and three have to be realistic.

I turned 40 years old this year and I told my wife all I wanted was 10 days chasing on the plains. She loves me though and it ended up being 14! Two days in April and then 12 straight days from May 23rd - June 3rd. Those 12 days were absolutely incredible. I'm friends with other chasers via social media, met them on the side of roads while chasing, even grabbed dinner together...but never have I felt more of a part of the chaser community than being out there for almost two weeks. Living the life...seeing the same amazing chasers over and was overwhelming to me. I missed my family, it was hard at times, but it was one of the best experiences of my life.

Both chases originated from where I live in Arizona. In April I drove out all night to Colorado, slept maybe an hour, chased all day, got a good night's sleep, chased the next day in the Texas panhandle and drove home that same night, stopping only for a quick nap in New Mexico. The second chase was the same. Left Phoenix late on the evening of May 22nd, never really slept and the chase was on the next day. All in all I drove well over 12,000 miles over the course of those two weeks, visited 10 total states (New Mexico, Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana and North Dakota) and shot over 45,000 frames of footage for this film.

I have many people to thank. Pat O'Brien for being my first private tour attendee this spring. Mike Mezeul II for one very big tip on a spot above Rapid City, SD. To James Langford who not only guided me to that spot over the phone, but "now-casted" for me many, many times. I may have missed out on four crucial clips in this film if it wasn't for him suggesting I punch the core in South Dakota. Thank you sir. And to my pal Andy Hoeland...who was with me for over a week of my time out there, driving, looking at forecasts, talking to weather experts and always helping us have a great target for that day. He's become my chase partner for most of these big plains trips and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Also thanks to Cinetics ( for sending me their Axis 360 to play with. I used it one time in this film and wish I had used it more. I love that scene.

Finally...above everyone else, of my wife. To let me go for that long, to never complain, to never discourage me...but to only believe in could I be so lucky to deserve a wife like that? We have three kids and that's tough on a parent to have her husband away that long. It will never cease to amaze me that I would not be here, doing this, if it wasn't for her support and encouragement.

Technical details...everything was shot on Canon 5D3's, along with an array of Rokinon lenses. I got sick of lens-twisting (mostly of FORGETTING to lens twist) so I mainly used those manual lenses on this trip. Everything was processed using LR Timelapse, Lightroom, After Effects and Premiere Pro.

I'm in absolute love with this film. The stuff I saw rivaled anything I've ever seen on the plains minus that insane Booker supercell in 2013. We saw four tornadoes (one of them appears in a deleted scene at the very end of the film), countless supercells, gorgeous shelf clouds, stunning mammatus and some awesome lightning shows. The song..well, the song for this film blew my mind. I loved it when I heard it, but then seeing how everything started coming together on the timeline, the pace, the slow build-up, the huge ending...I've said it before, but the song is 50% of the film. Thank you again Kerry for everything!

All this movie does it fuel me to want to do better next year and this summer in Arizona. Stay tuned for Monsoon II and for The Chase II next spring!

I sincerely hope you enjoy and share this film around. Thank you!

Cast: Mike Olbinski

Tags: time lapse, supercell, shelf cloud, tornado, storms, thunderstorms, hail, rain, storm chasing, texas, kansas, oklahoma, nebraska, new mexico, wyoming, montana, north dakota, south dakota and colorado

Love Tonight

Fri, 07/24/2015 - 12:32pm

A MUSIC VIDEO for a SONG for a SHORT FILM adapted from a SHORT STORY... or rather, just a story about love.
Original song by Splice the Mainbrace.
Short story by Griffin Yu.
We all like metaphors.


The Loverboy | Nick Howell
The Girl | Emily Bratmon
The Dancing Man | Phillip T. Nails

Jackson Allen
Peter Boskovich
Edoardo Tancredi
Tahkus Ekedal Allen
Karlina Covington

Director | Steve Dabal
Producer | Mikey Lopez Valenzuela
1st AD | Matt Walker
2nd AD | Allison Tate-Cortese
Cinematographer | Griffin Yu
1st AC | Keaton Manning
2nd AC | Luisa Betancur
Gaffer | Chase Hagen
Grip | Tim Lahr
Grip | JP Paneli
Editor & VFX | Steve Dabal
Production Designer | Scott Nystrom
Art Director | Trevor Takahashi
Wardrobe | Nicole Abbott
MUA | Elycia Marie
PA | Lorena Lourenco
PA | Sam Dahn

Key Grip | Jared Rubinstein-Towler

Splice the Mainbrace
Sketch Orchestra
Ihisha Tancredi
Joel Cocciolone
Nima Shoghi
Julian Juarez
Mr. and Mrs. Schiada
Los Angeles College of Music
Art Center College of Design

All the extras who danced with us all night long. Seriously, thank you.

Cast: Steve Dabal, Griffin Yu, Matt Walker, Keaton Manning, Chase Hagen and Nicole Abbott

Tags: Love Tonight, music video, short film, satire, splice the mainbrace, steve dabal, griffin yu, genre and this is kind of a fake music vid

The Grenadines - Shake

Thu, 07/23/2015 - 4:10pm

Music video by The Grenadines performing Shake (c) 2013 Communicating Vessels

Starring: Blake Wimberly, MaryGrace Wolnski
Producer: Justin Gaar, Alex Lanier
Camera: Michael "Bear" Praytor
Glidecam Op: Nathan Pocus
Title Animation: Brian Ratigan
Special Thanks: Paul Rogers, Henry Dunkle, Randy "Mongo" Halpern, Helena Corzan Gaar, David Swatzell, Michael and Lauren Shackleford, Tasha McCrory, Bekah Fox, Savannah Mellon, Paris Harrell, Heidi Lee, Kathryn Doornbos

Cast: justin gaar

Tags: The grenadines, shake, communicating vessels, Birmingham, Alabama, Blake Wimberly, MaryGrace Wolnski, Michael Shackleford, Lauren Shackleford, stalker, love story and dancing

Wray - Bad Heart

Thu, 07/23/2015 - 4:07pm

Executive Producer: Jeffrey Cain, James Ersted
Label: Communicating Vessels
Commissioner: Rebekah Fox
Producer: Helena Corzan Gaar
Director: Justin Gaar
First Assistant Director: James Ersted
Director of Photography: Gabriel Patay
First Assistant Camera: Helena Corzan Gaar
Second Assistant Camera/D.I.T./Grip: Adam Ridley
Production Coordinator: Tasha McCrory
Editor: Paul Rogers and Justin Gaar
Animation: Keith Fenter
Colorist: Marco Cordero
Stunt Riders/Actors: Rob Brooks and Jeremiah Wassom
Rope-headed Sorceresses: Jillian Fratkin, Tasha McCrory, and Helena Corzan Gaar
Motorcycle Transportation: Mark Buche at the Motorcycle Industry Council
Costume/Art: Helena Corzan Gaar
Title Design: Brian Ratigan

Special Thanks: Nico van der Berg, Mary Kate van der Berg, The Motorcycle Industry Council, Stef Lynch, Damian Dunn, Anthem Films, Kitchen Mouse

Cast: justin gaar

Tags: wray, bad heart, communicating vessels, motorcycle industry council, desert, fire, sorceresses, motorcycles, roger corman and dry lake bed

Star Wars VR Trailer

Wed, 07/22/2015 - 8:12pm

Trailer for proposed Star Wars VR game on the Oculus Rift. Completed in two weeks with two artists. All footage is running in Unreal Engine 4. Produced by HammerheadVR Studios

Creative Director - Rob McLellan

Lead Artist - Craig Stiff

Additional Models By SciFi3D Artists:

Zachary Brackin
Tom Miller
JJ Palomo
Sebastian Van Halm
Olivier Couston
Joscha Heusohn

Technical Support - Richard Tongeman

All rights reserved by LucasFilm LTD, Walt Disney, and/or Twentieth Century Fox,

This is a non-profit, fan-made project and is in no way approved by, sponsored by, or affiliated with LucasFilm Ltd, Walt Disney, or Twentieth Century Fox. All rights reserved by the respective copyright holders. All content is unofficial and is not intended for sale. It can in no way be deemed a contest of the rights and ownership of the respective copyright holders or licensees thereof.

Cast: Rob McLellan and Craig Stiff

Tags: star, wars, oculus, rift, vr, virtual, reality, rob, mclellan, craig, stiff, unreal, engine and epic