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L.A. Natural History Museum - Nature Lab - Interactives 2 Unified Field

Sat, 05/23/2015 - 8:42pm


For its 100th anniversary, the Natural History Museum of L.A. County embarked on a 5 year, $135 million transformation that has filled the museum with science, technology and wonder. As part of this transformation, Unified Field Inc. designed and developed several multimedia interactives for the Nature Lab, a permanent exhibition celebrating the biodiversity of Los Angeles.

Cast: Unified Field


Sat, 05/23/2015 - 6:02pm

STARRING: Lisa Porter, Myrsadyse PangBurn, Dianne Zankich, Paul Hird, Donielle Mitchell and David Locksley

PRODUCERS: Christine Ritchie, Ralph Hsiao and Jing Shao
D.P.: Martim Vian (
H&MU: Alex French
COLORIST: NORTON (at Nightshift LA)
STUNT COORDINATOR: Johnny Yang, Malay Choeung
1st AC: Alicia Fischmeister, Mike Valentine
2nd AC: Lee Koko
GAFFER: Will Elder
KEY GRIP: Rich Robles
SOUND: Jordan Evans, Ken Kobayashi, YeMing Chen
PA: Ellie Chaika, Rainer Weinbrenner, Sabina Fooks
EXTRAS: Joe Bergman, Jared Morgan, Gabriel Alvarez, Rhoda Pell

SPECIAL THANKS: Jeff Obrow, Hill St Boxing Gym, Del Amo Mobile Home Park, Ian Ward, Jim Evans and Geoff Campbell at Untitled, Kris and Alex Cho, our amazing cast and crew and Son Lux.

This is an unofficial music video. All song rights belong to the amazing Son Lux.

Cast: Jing Shao and Jess Jing Zou

Tags: Son Lux, Boxing, Domestic Violence, Women's boxing, Abuse, Sports, Music Videos and Female


Sat, 05/23/2015 - 2:47pm

One thing I learned from sitting in traffic is that nothing ever happens. Yup, exactly, hours of ‘nothing ever happens’. Thousands of people staring into their phones, waiting for the lights to change.
On this particular day, however, God prepared something very special for me, I met Reggie.
You know that awkward moment at the stoplight when a man or woman in need walks by your window asking for some pocket change and you start anxiously pretending to be looking at your phone? That’s how I met Reggie.
He approached my car with his tiny jar looking for change, I reached into my wallet to see if I had any, and all I could find was a $20 bill. “That’s too much for him”, I thought. At this time, as he was close enough to me so that I could see his face. I was stunned! I have never seen anything like that before. His face was disfigured from burn marks and his speech was affected.

I didn’t feel any fear or pity, I just remember having a very clear thought that this man needs the $20 bill in my wallet way more than I did. The man said ‘thank you’, and kept going.
Have you ever met someone with a story? This man had a story, and I decided I wanted to learn it.
As he was walking away, I said:
What’s your name?
Reggie, he said.
What happened to you, Reggie? Considering his looks, I thought that’s a questions he’s been asked many times before.
I was in a fire.
Did your house catch on fire?
No, I set myself on fire…
I was stunned. Why would anyone set themselves on fire? I couldn't squeeze a word out for some time. The light was about to change, but I was determined to find out more. I asked Reggie if I could come back to hear his story, and he kindly agreed.

I was back on Reggie’s corner 2 days later. In the next 8 minutes you’ll hear his story. This accidental encounter has brought a lot of positivity in my life. I only ask that you pay close attention to what he’s got to say. His current attitude towards life, driven by the conclusions he made through his difficult times, is just as important as the journey itself.
We honk at other cars in traffic, we cuss at slow drivers, we are so angry and impatient all the time. And then, there’s Reggie. He carries the burden and pain of his prior mistakes, and yet there’s not a glimpse of negativity. Reggie isn’t blaming anyone, he isn’t out for revenge or justice. Reggie is, for me, a refreshing reminder to be grateful and aware of all the beautiful people and precious moments in our lives. He also reminded me that there is always more to someone than what appears on the surface. We’re too quick to judge, to place a label and dismiss, to hide our faces in our phones to avoid eye contact.
So, my friend, stop for a moment and listen. After all, you might be sitting in traffic right now, and someone with a story like Reggie’s could be walking past you.

Camera OP: Valik Sevostyanchuk (
A. Taylor "Wistful"
Tony Anderson "Dwell"

Cast: The Film House and Lux Films

The Electric Knife Orchestra Presents Stayin' Alive

Fri, 05/22/2015 - 4:00pm

Sixteen knives and one meat cleaver brought to life to perform the Bee Gee’s hit Stayin’ Alive.

Cast: Neil Mendoza

Tags: knives, knife, arduino, midi, electronics, laser cut, machine, music, robot, mechatronic, sound, sculpture, art and robots


Thu, 05/21/2015 - 7:00pm

Music by Autrenoir
Made by Grégoire Orio



we watched the end MONDKOPF

Thu, 05/21/2015 - 6:42pm

Music video for the song "We Watched The End" performed by Mondkopf

Made by Grégoire Orio & Grégoire Couvert



Tags: mondkopf, sea, ocean, sky, drowning, as human pattern and in paradisum

Gloomy Boy

Thu, 05/21/2015 - 4:59pm


iPhone Music Video

Directed by: Reshan Fernando
Music: FloidBeats
Track: Orchestral Dubstep Serendipity
Shot on: iPhone 5s

Synopsis: “Stop violence & save the childhood”

Word from the Director:
As usually I would like to talk about some real problems and stories coming from all around the world through my film creations. But I never focusing one certain family, people or any kind of group in here.
And this is also a very common story happening all around the world, which is the parents get in to fight in front of their kids and getting separate or divorce.
I just want to spread the word that saying those things are happening in the world, lets try think and stop it. Specially because kids are the future of our world.
So from this creation I tried to talk about a fiction story which is mom & dad fighting in the house and kids living so frighten, so how the kids react inside these kind of situation by showing their strange behaviour.
From "Gloomy Boy" I bringing this fiction story created by me from the kid's point of view to the audience, so i think this what make it special.
And I should mention the Boy who's act in this video did a great job, so someone may feel it as real than fiction.

Thank you.

Dir. Reshan Fernando

Silent Entertainment Production


© 2014. All Rights Reserved.

::::: Official selected to the 5th iPhone Film Festival 2015 Beverly Hills, CA, USA :::::

::::: Official selection to the International Mobile Film Festival 2015 San Diego, CA, USA :::::


Cast: Reshan Fernando and Silent Entertainment

Tags: Silent Entertainment, Reshan Fernando, iPhone Music Video, iPhone 5s, Kids, Kids Music Video, FloidBeats, Gloomy Boy and Music Video

Conrad and The Steamplant

Wed, 05/20/2015 - 7:52pm

Conrad Milster, Pratt Institute’s chief engineer, has worked in the Brooklyn power plant nearly his entire adult life. Starting as a mechanic in 1958, he later became one of only four chief engineers in the plant’s 127-year history, taking over the official duties in 1965. He’s been there ever since.

For the last six decades, Milster (now 79 years old) has lovingly maintained the nineteenth century steam engines that provide heat and hot water to Pratt’s campus. “We have our hands full,” says Milster. “If the plant stops in the winter, Pratt stops.”

In addition, Conrad is the person behind the infamous “Pratt Cats,” responsible for the 12-14 felines that wander the campus and call the steam plant home.

An important figure in Pratt’s history, Milster has extended his impact on the Pratt community through a generous gift—the Phyllis and Conrad Milster Endowed Scholarship—that provides scholarships in perpetuity to students in Pratt’s Industrial Design program. The scholarship is named for Milster and his late wife, Phyllis, who passed away in 2011.

Filmed by Dustin Cohen, Autumn Eakin, and Christine Ng. Edited by Saela Davis. Coloring by Daniel Silverman at MPC. Sound Editing/Re-Recording by Chris Foster. And special thanks to Greencard Pictures, MergeLeft Reps, and Pratt Institute.

See more photos here:

Cast: Dustin Cohen, Autumn Eakin, Saela Davis, Daniel Silverman and Christine Ng

Tags: Conrad Milster, Pratt Institute, Steam Plant, Dustin Cohen, Pratt Cats, Conrad and The Steamplant and Made in Brooklyn

DE LA ROMANCE 'Don't Look Back' Official video

Wed, 05/20/2015 - 12:01pm

"Secret World" EP available on iTunes:

Director: Sébastien Desmedt
Production: Sonja Juillet
Actors : Cécile Jeanneret-Amour / Vincent Girault / Adam Stick (Primo Model agency HK)
Stylist : Camille de Ginestel
Sound design : JC Boutin

Special thanks to Die in Color, Alexandre Hofford, Gary Lau from Primo Model agency, Ally from Hushup events, Patricia from Wontonmeen, Saral from Moksha boat and every cool chinese people we met.

Cast: Sebastien Desmedt and DE LA ROMANCE

Tags: de la romance and hong kong

Art of Sleeping - Voodoo

Wed, 05/20/2015 - 10:18am

Music video for 'Voodoo' by Art of Sleeping taken from the band's debut album 'Shake Shiver' out 17th July 2015.

// Get 'Voodoo' on iTunes -

Director - Nelson Alves
DOP - Kieran Fowler
Producer - Chloe Lawrence-Hartcher
Colourist - Matt Fezz
1st AC - Adam Lynch
2nd AC - Charles Mori
1st AD - Claire Madiot
Gaffer - Mat Wilson
Best Boy - Nathan Grant
Steadicam - James Todd
Grip - Damien Heckendorf
Hair&Makeup - Sarah Iversen
Art Assistant - Chloe de Brito
Actress - Serena Coady

Cast: Nelson Alves, Kieran Fowler, focus film lighting and Matt Fezz

Tags: Panavision E-series Anamorphics, Nelson Alves, Music Video, Anamorphic and According to nelson

082114 Lava Steak

Tue, 05/19/2015 - 6:59pm

August 21, 2014
Set up a long trough to further our understanding/ability to cook over and on (yes, on) lava.
2014 All rights reserved. Jenny Wysocki, Syracuse University Lava Project

Cast: robert wysocki

Tags: Robert Wysocki, Noah Hausknecht, Jenny Wysocki, Syracuse University and Syracuse University Lava Project

Is YouTube Kids A Safe Place for Young Children to Explore?

Tue, 05/19/2015 - 6:37pm

Google claims its new YouTube Kids app is "family friendly" and a safe place for children to explore, but here are just a few of the inappropriate videos we found. All searches conducted and recording completed on May 5, 2015.

To tell the FTC to stop the unfair ads on YouTube Kids, please visit

Additional videos of inappropriate content on YouTube Kids available at and

Segments featured in this video compilation.

Video title: Yakko, Wakko, and Dot sing The Freaking FCC
Run Time: 1:21

Video title: How to Do the Crotch Grab / MJ Dancing
Run Time: 1:46

Video title: Budweiser Dog Commercial
Run Time: 1:01

Video title: Why we choose suicide / Mark Henick / TEDx Toronto
Run Time: 15:27

Video title: President Barack Obama on Tweeting and Smartphones
Run Time: 3:11

Video title: Yakko, Wakko, and Dot sing The Freaking FCC*
Run Time: 1:21

Video title: How to Do the Crotch Grab / MJ Dancing*
Run Time: 1:46

Video title: Types of Red Wine: What is Red Wine?
Run Time: 2:23

Video title: One Huge Acid Trip? Regular Show Theory; Cartoon Conspiracy
Run Time: 3:05

Video title: ASMR lighting matches. Playing with matches and a matchbox.
Run Time: 8:41

Video title: Covet Sarah Jessica Parker Commercial
Run time: 0:46

Video title: How to Do the Crotch Grab / MJ Dancing*
Run Time: 1:46

Video title: Violence: A Family Tradition/Robbyn Peters Bennett/TEDx Bellingham
Run Time: 13:26

Video title: Yakko, Wakko, and Dot sing The Freaking FCC*
Run Time: 1:21

* indicates additional clip from previously listed video

Cast: CCFC

Tags: YouTube Kids

Dallas Royal - Swingers

Tue, 05/19/2015 - 4:47pm

"Set in the near future on a small piece of land between the border of China & Hong Kong called 'Nowhere'. In this space where there are no rules, laws or governing body there's a lab hidden underground which is inhabited by an unknown scientist. The video follows him as he is conducting audio/visual experiments on humans in the search of total mind control."

Label : Independent
Director : Daniele Manoli (
Style Director & Props : Phoebe Soup (
Executive Producer : Glenn Bartlett
Co-Writer & Producer : Dax Christiaanse
Production Co. : LAB VIII (

Female Subject : Alice Detollenaere
Male Subject : Cody Erhart
Scientist : James Chao
DoP Australia : Michael Fletcher
Hair & Makeup : Sara Wong (
Additional Post-Produciton : Multiplayer Studio (
Sunglasses : Dienastie (
Vintage Footage : (
VJ Loops : Beeple (

Cast: LAB VIII, Daniele Manoli, Phoebe Soup, B. Riot, Michael Fletcher and beeple

Tags: Dallas Royal, Swingers, Australia, Music Video, Hong Kong, Daniele Manoli, LAB VIII, Phoebe Soup, MV and HK

Mapfre - It's A Rock!

Mon, 05/18/2015 - 12:43pm

MR MAGNETIK "DarkGloves"

Mon, 05/18/2015 - 10:14am

"Dark Gloves"

Label : GND records.

Director & concept by Olivier Hero Dressen

Technical Director : Gaetan Hachez
Stylist and Choregrapher : Julian Mei
Director of photography : Stefano Fusi
Dop second unit : Gaetan H
Props : Robert Ellis
Editing : OHD & Gaetan H
Art Direction : OHD
MAO : Coco

Cast :
Mafia guy : Julian Mei
The girl with the mask : Coco Fernandez
The smoking girl : Tang jie
The drinking girl : Nan Nitwipha
The vain girl : Helen Nan




Cast: hero

Tags: Music video Danse Shanghai