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Your overlord's extracted gross painful tooth photo(graph)s.

See here. Yes, they're blurry due to a decade old digital camera (no macros) and poor lighting even with its flashes. Your overlord wonders if scanning it would work. :P~ (still bleeding and drooling). Note the bent shaped and ugly color. Even the overlord's awesome dentist said it is a rare one (how can I sell it for? :P). It was hurting me for about a decade and got worse and worse! Putting a crown on it would too tedious, a lot of work, costly, and might not work in the overlord's tight mouth that can barely open (barely get the tongue through). :(

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Here is a reason why dentists yank our teeth!

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Reddit shares a funny comic strip why dentists want to take our teeth away...

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Art of the Instakill

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This two minutes and eight seconds YouTube video shows the "Art of the Instakill" in video games.

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Alexander Tsiaras: Conception to birth -- visualized.

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VideoSift shares a nine minutes and 38/39 seconds YouTube video