A Crappy Thursday!

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Ugh, another bad day...

  1. Still sick with this old cold(?) that won't leave!
  2. Overslept with about 8.5 hours of sleep with two wake ups (woke up at about 3:45 AM PDT from passing out in work clothes and snoozed ~5:00 AM PDT alarm (oops!)). Tons of stuff not complete at home. :(
  3. Emergency work issues (someone messed up and the worker ant discovered the issues!).
  4. Waiting about 20 minutes for a flu shot appointment at 1:05 PM PDT! Will it make your old sick overlord sicker? :P
  5. It is only about 2 PM PDT with about ten/10 hours to go on this crappy day. More bad updates to come if they come up. :(