What did you think of the third James Bond movie (Skyfall) compared to the other two with Daniel Craig?

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Finally saw Skyfall movie (spoilers).

Yep, late again with another movie in the theat(re/er)s (well, home releases too). It could have been almost a day earlier but it was already sold out at the old nest's local AMC movie theat(er/re) on a Christmas 2012 night with five minutes before the the room showed its trailers. DOH! :( Anyways, it was seen/watched finally this late morning at about noon PST (after the trailers were shown) when reattempted (already started its trailers). Crowd wasn't too bad, but had to sit closer to the screen (not in the very front) and the mall's parking was crazy due to the annual return gift day after Christmas at the mall (just regift them!). :P

Anyways, the movie was quite good. It was different than the usual James Bond (007) movies especially. There were many references to the old movies even cameos. Intro(duction) was good, but a bit dark with deaths, skull, blood, etc. Music theme was decent, but prefers Adele's Rolling In The Deep song. The scenes were nice in China especially at night times with pretty colors. The big fat henchman gave flashback to Oddjob. Villain was a bit crazy and freaky especially with voice. Seeing the new Q was hard to get used to and thought it was the actor who played Moss in The I.T. Crowd from the movie trailers many months ago. There were a few bad words which were surprisingly. Lots of good guys' deaths especially the ending (aww, nice acting). :(

As for ranking among with the other three Daniel Craig's double O7 movies, this would be in the middle with Casino Royale slightly higher and Quantum of Solace as third place. Grumpy king anty did not like it much, fell asleep, had to pee/urinate, and preferred the the old ones with old school Sean Connery. The old ones were good too! Bring on the next movies with the new M and Miss Moneypenny!

BTW, this is movie #2 in the theater for 2012. Maybe #3 with the last four days left? Your overlord doubts it! :(
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